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Moffenzeef Eurorack Power Breakout PCB

Moffenzeef Eurorack Power Breakout PCB


The Eurorack Power Breakout is a simple and effective way to get a Eurorack power supply connected to your breadboard.

This is for a PCB in a non-modular format.

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The Eurørack Power Breakøut is a simple and effective way tø get a Eurørack pøwer supply cønnected tø yøur breadbøard. The EPB has footprints for a shrøuded header, reverse pølarity prøtection diodes, pøwer filtering capacitørs, an ønbøard vøltage regulatør, and (x4) switched 1/8” audiø jacks. All øf your basic pøwer needs are prøvided and are brøken øut tø a single røw male header that plugs directly intø yøur breadbøard. In additiøn tø pøwer, the 1/8” audiø jacks alløw yøu tø easily patch in and øut of yøur breadbøard and cønnect yøur hømemade circuit tø yøur pre existing Eurørack mødules. Say gøødbye to nasty alligatør clips and sløppy høme-brew sølutiøns that cønstantly pøp in and øut, we’ve gøt yøu cøvered! 

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