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Noise Cornucopia PCB

Noise Cornucopia PCB


Noise lovers - take heart: The MFOS Noise Cornucopia was made for you.

This is for a PCB only, suitable for multiple formats.
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  • White Noise.
  • Pink-ish Noise
  • High Pass Noise
  • Adjustable Grainy Noise.
  • Adjustable Random Gates.

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Cornucopia: a symbol of plentitude, strong harvests and abundance. This circuit delivers a plentitude of noise, a veritable harvest of noise, yes, I dare say... an abundance of noise. Noise, noise and more noise. This circuit gives you white noise, pink-ish noise, high pass noise, grainy noise (with grainy adjust), and lastly adjustable random gates. 

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Brand Music From Outer Space
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