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4U Serge - "Donks" Dual LowPass Gate / Timbre / Stereo Mixer PCB / Panel | RandomSource

4U Serge - "Donks" Dual LowPass Gate / Timbre / Stereo Mixer PCB / Panel | RandomSource


DONKS is a dual low pass gate, Buchla Timbre, and stereo mixer/VCA.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the 4U format with 4x4 mounting. Most of the components have been pre-populated as SMT on the Stereo Mixer PCB.

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Brand RandomSource

Classic lowpass gates based on the Buchla 292C plus the amazing timbre wavefolder module of the Buchla Music Easel adapted to 12V and Serge signal levels.

Stereo-Mixer is an equal-power design using high-end THAT2180 VCA chips designed to emulate the behavior of the famous Serge VCAs. Version 1.1 contains a number of additions and improvements that required to have the main pcb produced in surface mounted technology (SMT):

  1. Balanced Outputs, using „a new generation of monolithic audio differential line drivers offering improved performance over conventional crosscoupled designs“ for low noise and distortion. These outputs can be connected to balanced or unbalanced equipment (amplifiers, A/D converters...)
  2. Burr-Brown quad op-amps (OPA4134) in the audio path.
  3. Optimized value set and easier calibration / setup.

The R*S Stereo-Mixer has two independent channels for stereo panning and provides level control (or enveloping) as well as voltage controlled panning. Two Aux inputs allow to mix in other signals (not affected by control voltages or knobs) and to chain mixers. The output is available at a pair of banana jacks as well as (6.35mm / 1/4") TRS jacks (phone connectors) for connecting to external amplifiers, ADCs etc.

 The first "Donks" demo uses only the Stereo-Mixer (mostly as a waveshaping tool) - no LPG or timbre was involved:

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Brand RandomSource
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