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MIDIpal Midi Processor PCB

MIDIpal Midi Processor PCB


The MIDIpal is a powerful stand alone MIDI processor.

This is a  PCB only in a stand alone format.

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The MIDIpal is a powerful MIDI processor - like a multi-effect operating on MIDI data! It features 19 different MIDI “apps”, ranging from MIDI debugging or routing utilities (monitoring messages, remapping a channel to another one…) to complex compositional or inspirational tools like arpeggiators or pattern generators.

Incoming and outgoing MIDI signals are visualized by the red and green LEDs near the MIDI sockets.
The 8 characters LCD display is used to display the name and value of the currently edited parameter. Editing is done with the clickable rotary encoder.

The MIDIpal can be powered by either a 9V battery or a 5V-9V unregulated DC supply, with a minimum current rating of 150mA. Make sure that the connector has a center pin (or tip) positive / outer collar (or sleeve) negative pin polarity. Most universal power supplies allows the polarity to be selected — the polarity being often represented by a diagram like this: – (o +.

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Brand Modular Addict
Depth 30mm
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