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BMC017 - 2LFOSH PCB | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC017 - 2LFOSH PCB | Barton Musical Circuits


The Barton BMC017 2LFOSH pcb is a Dual LFO + Sample and Hold utility module. 

This is a PCB set only suitable for multiple formats.

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This is an all analog synthesizer module combining three different modules. There are two simple LFOs with triangle and square outputs and a range switch to put acheive audio rate oscillation. There is then a sample-and-hold module based on the LF398 monolithic sample and hold chip. The two LFOs are normalled to the inputs of the SH so that you can get random voltage output without having to do any patching.

The board features PC mounted pots for less wiring, and mounting holes for flexibility in panel layout. There are Eurorack and MOTM power connecters.

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