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MFOS Weird Sound Generator PCB

MFOS Weird Sound Generator PCB


This is a beginner project and I do recommend it as a first project or if you are just getting started in synths or electronics. The circuit, layout and wiring diagram are provided to help you succeed.

This is for a PCB only, suitable for multiple formats.
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  • Makes Wacky, Zany, Weird, Unusual Sounds
  • Stimulates brain cell growth in humans and pets.
  • Exposure of fetus to Weird Sounds promotes genius and prodigy...ism.
  • Can actually get a child away from a television. 
    Here's proof 
  • Exposure of octogenarians to Weird Sounds reduces flatulence.
  • Fun to do at lunch time, snack time, anytime (low in calories).
  • Fun to do at board meetings (or in boring meetings).
  • Low current consumption so you can make weird sounds for a long long time.

This project was personally endorsed by Albert Einstein who, while alive, looked into the future (as was his wont) and declared... "Zom day Zom vun iss goink to make a very veird zound generator. I would like to personally endorse it ahead of time." Not many people know this fact but now both of us do.



This is a really fun project and it makes a LOT of weird sounds. You will have hours, no at least days... weeks of fun making weird sound after weird sound. You will make at the very least a MILLION weird sounds in the first month alone. I recommend that you use this in conjunction with your hardware or software sampler to provide tons of timbres for you sampling synth. Research by the prestigious Institute or Weirdsoundology at Stockholm has shown that exposure of unborn fetuses to weird sounds promotes genius and prodigy...ism. The following scientific chart makes this point very obvious.


Obvious Chart Showing Effect Of Weird Sounds On Fetuses 
Information copyright of the prestigious Institute or Weirdsoundology at Stockholm
Obvious happiness and brain growth of a fetus EXPOSED to weird sounds. Obvious sadness and brain shrinkage of a fetus NOT EXPOSED to weird sounds.


If you don't believe them at least believe me that this is the COOLEST WEIRD SOUND GENERATOR in the near universe. I feel certain that in far away universes there may be others developing weird sound generation equipment and who knows, it MAY be cooler but that would be a stretch.

Weird Sound Samples

Now you have no excuse not to expose at least yourself (if not your fetus) to weird sounds. Some of these are raw and others have reverb or echo.

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