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Angle Generator PCB

Angle Generator PCB


New from Stroh - a linear EG with selectable AD/AR and cycling!

This is a PCB suitable for multiple formats.

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The Angle Generator is a Linear Slope Function Generator. It has Rise and Fall controls, AD/AR mode switch, and One Shot and Cycle mode switch. There is also an End of Cycle pulse output that can be used to trigger other events, or trigger another Angle Generator or other envelope. In AD mode a trigger is preferred at the input, though a gate will work as well. In AR mode, the slope can be retriggered at any point, which is a good mode for keyboard control. There are a few component values on this PCB that can be altered to taste. The control pots, integrator (timing) capacitor, and the rate limiting series resistors for the controls. A larger value integrator capacitor will create longer cycles, larger value potentiometers provide a wider control range. (Audio Taper highly recommended here for consistent range control.) ***Note there are build modifications that are highly recommended for this build. Please see notes for details.
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Brand Stroh Modular / j3rk
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