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Envelope Generator - Seven Segment Linear

Envelope Generator - Seven Segment Linear


From MFOS - a SEVEN segment linear envelope generator for the Synth-DIY crowd!

This is for a PCB only, suitable for multiple formats.
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  • Selectable Two to Seven Linear Envelope Segments
  • Positive and Negative Slopes
  • Triggered Mode Supports Sustain Segments
  • Gate Mode 1: Complete Envelope on Gate Release.
  • Gate Mode 2: Reset Envelope on Gate Release.
  • Level and Polarity Output Control
  • Two millisecond to several minutes long segment times.
  • Slope runaway detect and reset.
  • Envelope Repeat
  • Manual Gate
  • LEDs Identify Active Segment


I got the bug to make a multi-segment linear envelope generator because the challenge was there. I have not seen another hardware version with more than four linear segments offered anywhere else. However that doesn't mean there isn't one out there somewhere and I know there are software versions with more segments and more control. There are a fair number of PCB to panel connections because there are fifteen knobs, one six position selector switch, ten LEDs, three switches and two jacks. I cooked this down from my initial far more complicated design. There are a fair number of quirks to this module but it will generate multi-segment linear envelopes when adjusted properly. You have to understand what is going on with the unit to get the most out of it. I highly suggest you print the schematic so you can follow along while reading the circuit descriptions if you decide to build this project. Building this project blind will lead to major frustration if you run into trouble shooting issues and don't understand the operation of the circuit.

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