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Envelope Generator - ADSR

Envelope Generator - ADSR


A classic ADSR Envelope Generator design courtesy of Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space fame.

This is for a PCB only, suitable for multiple formats.
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  • 1 mS to 20 second Attack, Decay, and Release times.
  • Classic ADSR envelope shape and functionality.
  • Gate and trigger inputs permit retrigger after Attack complete.
  • Comparators on gate and trigger inputs.
  • Power Supply Range +/-9V up to +/-15V


Envelope generators provide a source of voltage that is shaped like a common amplitude envelope. The gate input is used to initiate the ADSR envelope. The following assumes the gate is maintained throughout the attack, decay and sustain cycles. The voltage envelope rises from 0V to 10 volts during the attack cycle at the rate set by the Attack control. At the peak of the attack cycle (10 volts) the decay cycle is entered. The voltage decays to the sustain level (0 to 10 volts dependant on the setting of the Sustain control) at the rate determined by the Decay control. When the gate is released the release cycle is entered and the voltage decays to 0 at the rate determined by the Release control setting. If the gate is removed at any time during the A,D or S cycle the release state is immediately entered. The trigger input used alone can initiate an attack release cycle. When used in conjunction with the gate the trigger can re-initiate an attack cycle when it occurs during the decay or sustain cycles.

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