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Bits - 4U 12bit Bit Crusher PCB / Panel | cLee

Bits - 4U 12bit Bit Crusher PCB / Panel | cLee


cLee Bits is a 4U 12bit Bit Crusher PCB/Panel in Lowdest Warning Format.

This is a PCB/Panel suitable for the 4U format.

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Brand Clee

Bits is a 12bit bit crusher module with waveshaping.
Bit Depth is continuously variable from 12 bits to 1.
Sample Rate is continuously variable in 2 ranges, audio and sub-audio
The waveshape control morphs through 8 patterns
There's a manually controlled pre-filter and an output crossfade control between the direct DAC out and a lowpass filtered output
The inputs and outputs are DC coupled allowing processing of control voltages
Stereo AC coupled Line IN and OUT (mixed to mono)
Wave, Bits and Rate are Voltage Controlled with "attenuverting" inputs

PCB sets include a main PCB and a panel component PCB
Also included is the Dual Gang 100K pot used for the pre-filter

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Brand Clee
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