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BMC036 - Digital Hi-Hat PCB | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC036 - Digital Hi-Hat PCB | Barton Musical Circuits


This is a PIC based percussion module which is loosely modeled on the hi-hat. It features seperate Decay and Pitch controls for Open/Close modes and a master Shape control which mixes between a linear or logarithmic decay. This module is also compatable with the BMC003X Expander for using external CV for all of it's parameters.

This is for a PCB (including programmed microcontroller) only suitable for multiple formats.

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The Hi Hat is a microcontroller based synth module. It can be built in either +/-12V or +/- 15V systems with no modification. It is compatible with the expander from BMC003 (Arpeggiator) for using external control voltage on the 5 analog parameters. It's a descendent of BMC010, Decaying Digital Noise, but offers finer control and the ability to switch between two sets of parameters.


  • Close Decay Knob – This sets the rate at which the signal decays on closed hits
  • Open Decay Knob – Same but for Open hits
  • Close Pitch Knob – This sets the rate on closed hits at which random numbers are sampled to generate the digital noise. Further clockwise slows it down more producing less high frequency.
  • Open Pitch Knob – Same but for Open hits
  • Shape Knob – This sets the mix between a logarithmic or linear curve of decay. Full clockwise is linear and full counterclockwise is logarithmic. This control is very interactive with the decay knobs.
  • Reverse Logic Toggle – This reverses the logic of the Open/Close Input. It becomes normally open instead of normally closed.
  • Close Gate Toggle – This sets whether or not closed hits decay at the falling edge of a gate input instead of at the rising edge. This lets you adjust gate lengths of your sequencer as another control for the module.
  • Open Gate Toggle – Same but for Open mode.


  • IN – The trigger or gate is input here to control timing of the hits.
  • Open/Close In – Input a gate signal here. When a rising edge is detected on the IN, the OPEN/CLOSE input will be checked, and depending on the setting of the Reverse logic toggle, this will determine whether or not the hit will be open or closed.


  • Out - +/-5V output of decaying noise signal.
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