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MFOS 16 Step Sequencer Quantized Vari-Clock

MFOS 16 Step Sequencer Quantized Vari-Clock


From MFOS - A 16 step sequencer quantized vari-clock PCB!

This is for a PCB only, suitable for multiple formats.
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This is a very challenging project requiring understanding of electronics and electronic building and trouble shooting skills and equipment. This project and integrating it into the MFOS 16 Step Sequencer is definitely not for beginners. Access to a good oscilloscope, DVM, bench power supply, soldering station and hand tools will be required. Only the schematic, circuit description, and suggested panel layout are provided. Please do not attempt this project unless you thoroughly understand the operation and can troubleshoot it (as with any complex project, you will probably need to). Please read over the entire project before ordering PC boards or other products.



  • Each step's duration can be set independently.
  • Each step's duration is settable from 1 to 16 clock cycles.
  • Main clock adjustment affects all steps equally.
  • Clock selection: Quantized or Normal
  • Two gate/trigger modes: Single per step and Multi per step.
  • External clock supported.
  • Clock out supported.
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Brand Music From Outer Space
Additional Resources http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/index.php?CATPARTNO=NONE&PROJARG=SEQUENCER_VARICLOCK%2FSEQUENCER_VARICLOCK.php&MAINTAB=SYNTHDIY&SONGID=NONE&VPW=1910&VPH=863

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