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Euclidean Circles PCB

Euclidean Circles PCB


It's a panel! It's a PCB! It has rhythm! It's Euclidean Circles!

This is a PCB set (which is the panel), including presoldered and preflashed microcontroller suitable for the Eurorack format.

Note: These are now the v1.8 PCB sets

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Euclidean Circles is a 3/6 channel 16 step Euclidean rhythm generator with an unique pattern visualization in 3U, 10hp Eurorack format.  Outputs 1-3 are the "on-beat" triggers and 4-6 are the "off-beat" trigger signals, all 5V.  Triggers 4-6 can also be used as a second set of 3 channels so 6 independent rhythm channels in total 

The board is all SMT except for jacks and encoders, so it's not your typical DIY - however, our kits have the microcontroller pre-soldered and pre-flashed.  The module runs from 5V only and depending on the adjustable LED brightness consumes between 60mA and 600mA. I run it at the lowest setting most of the time, at the highest level you attract passing alien space ships, so beware...

See the below video for a short demonstration of the basic features. On top of creating Euclidean Rhythms, the board is also a variable clock divider up to audio rates (tested up to 20kHz).


Note:  Be sure and use WS28182B - WS2812 wll not work.

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