The NAND/AND module can be patched as two NOT gates, one NOT gate and one 2- or 3-input NAND/AND gate, one 2-input NAND/AND gate and one 2- or 3-input NAND/AND gate or one 4-input NAND/AND gate.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format.

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The circuitries of the RYO logic gate modules are directly modeled after the very earliest form of digital logic gate designs using resistor-transistor-logic (RTL) pioneered in the 1950s and used in computing equipment throughout the 50s and 60s. The Apollo Guidance Computer for instance used the same type of 3-input NOR gate design now found in the RYO NOR/OR module, although in vastly greater numbers.

The RTL circuit design gives the modules some interesting quirks thanks to the transistors threshold windows when playing around with different amplitudes, waveforms and frequency rates of the incoming signals, making it fun and useful to explore beyond typical logic gating duties, for example as an audio waveshaper/distortion.

The NAND/AND module can be patched as two NOT gates, one NOT gate and one 2- or 3-input NAND/AND gate, one 2-input NAND/AND gate and one 2- or 3-input NAND/AND gate or one 4-input NAND/AND gate. 

Gate one has three inputs, the second has two. The inputs on gate one is normalled in a 1>2>3 fashion for efficient cable and time-saving patching. The inputs on gate two has also been normalled 1>2, with the AND out from gate one in turn being normalled to input 1 on gate two.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer RYO
HP 4
Depth 45mm
+12V 28mA
-12V 0mA
+5V No
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Bizarre Sounds And Crazy PatternsReview by Mr. Mojo Risin'
Lots of fun to tweak the outputs for CV and/or audio. This was a fun, easy and inexpensive build. Inexpensive... because the main components (sixteen BC547 NPN transistors) are only 4 cents each from Tayda. No IC's or hard to find components to source. The rest are resistors/caps/+one diode. The designer went an extra step in the Assembly Guide and provides all of the PCB locations and values for the nine LED load resistors. You can easily fine tune the LED brightness if you want to use different colors. I almost never use the recommended LED colors so this was a real time saver for me. I wish all the other designers would do this. There are five oddball resistor values of 249 Ohms in the BOM. If you don't have these in your kit (Tayda doesn't stock these) they are only used as a load resistor for the green LED's so you can use any value close to 249 Ohms. Whenever possible, I try to use flat-top LED's so they are flush with the panel. Lookin' sharp and sounding cool! (Posted on 8/8/2017)

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