Axoloti Axocontrol Full Kit

A simple controller for the fantastic Axoloti sound board, inspired by the Nord Micro Modular.

This is a full kit , including acrylic base. These kits are graciously supplied to us and well kitted by Thonk!

NOTE: This does not include an Axoloti - required to work

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A full kit containing all parts to build the unit shown above. You just need to provide the tools, solder, computer and USB power supply! (An iphone/android USB charger works great)

Tom Whitwell from Music Thing Modular writes:

Axoloti is a very nice €65 audio board from Belgium, the closest thing I’ve yet seen to an Audio Arduino; lots of easy analog ins and outs for pots and switches, enough power to do interesting audio, and a nice visual patching system. A bit like a Nord Modular for 2016.

I’ve put together a simple control surface for my Axoloti; pots, buttons, LEDs and a joystick.

The BOM and PCB files (with a link to OSHPark to buy the PCBs direct) is here on Github: Axoloti Control Board.

It is all CC-BY-SA licensed so feel free to make and sell boards, so long as you credit me (Tom Whitwell / Music Thing Modular) and share any changes/improvements you make to the design.

Here’s a demo video showing a little Echophon/pitch shift patch – it can also happily play the .raw files from the Music Thing SD card.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Music Thing
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
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