MFOS 16 Step Sequencer (+/-9V to +/-15V) - Analog Board

From MFOS - A 16 Step Sequencer Analog Board PCB!

This is for a PCB only, suitable for multiple formats.

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This is an intermediate to advanced project and I do not recommend it as a first project if you are just getting started in synths or electronics. Only the circuit and some explanation are shown here. A lot of project building, troubleshooting and electronics experience is assumed. Additionally, electronic equipment ownership (scope, meters, etc.) is taken for granted. If you are interested in building this project please read the entire page before ordering PC boards to ensure that the information provided is thorough enough for you to complete the project successfully.



  • Improved PC board (far less kludging)
  • Produces sequences of 4 to 16 steps in length
  • Modes include stop at count, reverse at count,
    reset at count and random 16 mode
  • Each step has coarse tune, fine tune, and switchable gate
  • Accepts external clock and external start pulse.
  • Simultaneous outputs with and without portamento.
  • Forward, Back, and Reset controls ease sequence set up.
  • Approximate current consumption: +12V (21.7 mA) -12V (10.5mA)




The main idea of a sequencer is to provide an automatic means of sequentially stepping through a series of adjustable voltages to drive a VCO (or any other voltage controlled device). Additionally, gate and trigger signals are generated at the moment the output of the circuit steps to a new voltage. Typically you use a sequencer to control the frequency of an oscillator (or several oscillators) to produce repeating tonal patterns, or arpeggios, which are further enhanced by filtering, modulation, addition of keyboard voltage etc. Sequencers are often used in electronic music production. This sequencer can produce a 4 to 16 note sequence. Additionally, this sequencer provides forward only, forward and back, and the unique ability for random sequencing. The gate/trigger can be included or not at each step (via a switch) and each step has coarse and fine voltage adjustment. Two circuit boards are required for this sequencer (unless you design your own) and I am offering both of them for sale. The digital board drives the sequencer and the analog board switches the control voltage from each set of coarse and fine pots to the output. You can start and stop the sequencer, reset it and step forward and/or backward to set up or manually walk through a sequence.


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Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer MFOS
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
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