Simple AR PCB

This is a digital Attack/Release or Attack/Decay module. It's simple to use with just two pots and two toggles as controls and a single input and output.

This is a PCB only (including programmed microcontroller) suitable for multiple formats.

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his module provides “Attack/Release” or “Attack/Decay” when used with a gate or trigger signal respectively. It's name is a reference to BMC001 the “Simple Quantizer,” much like it, this uses just two 8 pin chips and D/A conversion based on PWM.


  • Attack – This pot controls the rate at which the output voltage rises.
  • Decay – This pot controls the rate at which the output voltage lowers.
  • Time – This toggle makes the voltage change at a rate 16 times slower when engaged.
  • Loop – This toggle causes the voltage to begin to rise again as soon as it has lowered back down to zero. This lets you use the unit as an LFO.



  • Input – A trigger, gate or LFO should be patched to the input. When the input rises above 2.5 volts, this will cause the output voltage to return to zero and begin the attack phase. The decay phase will begin once the output voltage reaches 5V AND the input voltage is 2.5 volts or lower.
  • Output – The output voltage. This is zero volts at the lowest and 5V at the highest.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Barton
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
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