Manual Voltage Processor PCB/Panel

The manual voltage processor (MVP) is a multi-function module with several vital "basic-utility" functions all packed onto one panel.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format. The PCB is SMD with the majority of the parts already placed and soldered.

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The MVP is a multi-function module combining several basic function blocks into one panel. There are three sections.

The top section has 3 bipolar attenuators (attenuverters) with LED indicators. With no cable plugged in to the inputs each one will output a +/-5V DC offset voltage.

The middle section is a mixer. There are 4 input channels which will all mix down to the "3-4" output unless a cable is inserted into the "1-2" output. In that event channels 1 and 2 will only appear at their own output — the two halves of the mixer section will therefore function independently. This section uses the same basic design and components as the Mix but with a somewhat more flexible layout.

The bottom section contains multiples — the left side is buffered and the right side is not. The small arrows on the panel indicate normalled connections behind the panel. The input jacks are indicated by the black surrounds.

A note from Jason regarding the Trimpots on the board
"Those trimpots are a bit open, We set them up in series with the feedback resistor, so value should
determine adjustment range. We use 100K but 50K-250K should be fine"
The 2 headers on the back of the pcb are to switch between a fixed gain of x1 or a user trimmed fixed gain settings. 

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Manhattan Analog
HP 16
Depth 45mm
+12V 60mA
-12V 60mA
+5V No
Additional Resources No


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Super- Useful utility moduleReview by Uvula Fluorentine
Here's what you'll need to complete the project:

QTY Description Notes

1 10P Pin To 16 Pin Eurorack Power MA parts
3 Davies 1510 Clone Knobs "
4 Davies 1900H Clone Knobs "
26 PJ301M-12 "Thonkiconn"-style Inline 3.5mm Jacks " (bag of 50)
7 Potentiometer - B50K "

1 5 x 2 Boxed header power
3 bi-color LED - two lead T-3/4
2 10 uF 16 V or higher radial electrolytic
1 5 uF 10 V or higher radial electrolytic
2 100K multi turn trimmer
2 3 P .1" header
2 2 P Jumper

Assembly was okay, not everything lined up perfectly but following the usual procedure of tightening mounting hardware before soldering panel components yielded good results. Put the caps in last before panel components, they must be laid down over other connections unless you can find super-small ones. The three pin headers are used to select max mixer gain between unity or adjustable. If you only want unity gain, omit the trimpots and headers, install a jumper at the 1X pads.
(Posted on 10/13/2017)

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