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Low Coast PCB/Panel | Tesseract Modular

Low Coast PCB/Panel | Tesseract Modular


The Low Coast is an odd module which brings a radio, mp3 player, stereo input, "non traditional noise source, and a USB (lamp) port to your modular system. Not bad for 6 HP!

This is a PCB & Panel only in eurorack format. PCB has SMD pre-assembled. 

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Radio, Mp3 player, external input & USB

This is a cheap module that brings the following to your modular system:

  • Radio
  • Mp3 player (from usb or memory card)
  • External stereo input (line level in - modular level out)
  • Non traditional noise source
  • Usb port... to plug a lamp, fan or whatever you need.

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Brand Tesseract Modular
HP 6
Depth 18mm
+12V 20 mA
-12V 5 mA
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