Klee Sequencer Partial Kit

The Klee is one of the most unique and inspiring sequencers in existence. It's offered here in a partial kit for those who can source their own non-specialty components.

This is a PARTIAL kit set in the Eurorack format.

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The Klee:  a compositionally explorative sequential shift cascade summation array

One of the most complex and interesting sequencers currently available in the Eurorack format. A bit like a regular 16-step sequencer with added entropy and versatility, or a fully expanded Music Thing Turing Machine (which was influenced by the Klee) with more control.

  • Multiple “steps” ( aka “stages”) can be active at one time
  • 3 channels of gate outputs – each stage can send a gate pulse to 1 of 3 buses
  • Each group of 8 stages has its own cv output, in addition there is a combined cv output for all 16 stages
  • Variable glide control on each cv output
  • 8×2 or 16×1 stages
  • Variable random factor
  • Variable scaling
  • Numerous flashing lights (in your choice of colors, if you pre-order)
  • For an excellent, in-depth explanation of the Klee, please refer to this document by Scott Stites, designer of the Klee sequencer.

Circuit designed by Scott Stites. Panel designed by Tim Goslin.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

100 Modular Addict
Depth 48mm
+12V 115mA
-12V 25mA
+5V No
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