Pure VCA PCB/Panel

The GMSN! Pure VCA is a simple, straightforward DIY VCA.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format.

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The GMSN! Pure VCA is an exponential voltage controlled amplified based on the THAT2180 VCA chip. It has control over the Offset and CV In level. There are inputs for the Signal In, CV In and Signal Out. It can be used to control both audio and CV signals. The THAT2180 VCA chip is used in high end audio kit giving excellent signal to noise ratio.

The circuit board is laid out cleanly to make component population and soldering a breeze and the build documentation includes step by step instructions, as well as fault finding hints and tips. There is also a full explanation of how the module works, broken down into the basic building blocks. This isn’t just a kit, it’s a comprehensive introduction to analogue VCA circuit design.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

100 GMSN!
HP 4
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
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Overall a solid unit for its size.Review by 9Volt Neanderthal
A straightforward build indeed. Anyone with basic soldering skills won't have any problem with this project. On the support side, most of these pcb panel combos from GMSN! on here are out of date by a couple years: so don't go poking around their website for the build guide or bill of materials. I resorted to privately messaging the company directly through a ubiquitous and no doubt all too powerful website that shall not be named and received a prompt reply with BOM and Guide as a pdf. On the hardware side it has high gain on the offset and cv level pots which means great sensitivity. This was my first build of a VCA using the THAT 2180 IC. A very interesting little bar of VCA power for sure. Slap two of these modules together and you have a real party! Recommended for anyone who really enjoys PJ302m jacks and blue circuit boards! (Posted on 6/1/2017)

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