Pure NOISE (SMT) PCB/Panel

The GMSN! Pure NOISE is a straightforward SMT build, Multi-Band Analog Noise Source

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format.

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The GMSN! Pure Noise outputs 4 different colours of noise: Pink, White, Red, Brown.

Each colour colour occupies a different area of the frequency spectrum and can be used for different effects:

  • White noise is flat across the whole audio spectrum and is good for snares, the classic techno noise sweeps and for sculpting windy types of sounds
  • Blue is high pitched and is good for synthesising hi hats.
  • Pink noise has the same amount of energy in every octave and is often used as a reference signal
  • Brown is a low frequency brownian motion. When paired with a Sample and Hold module, this can give a good random walk bassline.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

100 GMSN!
HP 4
Depth 22mm
+12V 7mA
-12V 5mA
+5V No
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It's a NOISE Smorgas Board ! ! !Review by Mr. Mojo Risin'
A great value priced multi-NOISE module with less than 45 components. An easy SMT build.

The four different noise sources BLUE/WHITE/PINK/BROWN are quite interesting when used with a Sample & Hold module. They each produce unique random glitches. For years, I've been using the PGH Toolbox to generate noise. It's nice to have these four different noise sources for a wider variety of randomness. Some of these noise sources are MUCH brighter than the solitary PGH Toolbox noise source.

1) Except for the DMMT3904W 6-pin Matched Bipolar Transistor in a !!!Microscopic!!! SOT-363 package, all of the SMT parts were easy to solder in place. As stated by the module designer in one of his calibration videos, not all DMMT3904W IC's will work because the modern day tolerances of these IC's are "too precise". In a batch of ten, maybe eight will work correctly in this design. After building, you may need to remove the DMMT3904W and try another one if no noise is generated. My first build did not work. Lucky me! After replacing the DMMT3904W with another one from the same batch, it worked perfect. I'm glad I watched the designer's calibration video first. So... moral of the story... buy two or three DMMT3904W IC's in case you need to replace one. They're inexpensive.

2) The BOM lists D1 and D2 as 1N4001 diodes which threw me off at first but... ordering the STTH102A Fast Recovery Rectifier (as shown in the Mouser BOM) worked just fine

3) You can find a helpful trimmer calibration video on YouTube and there is another good video at the gmsnsynthdesign.slack.com Forum (Posted on 10/7/2017)

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