FX Boy Multi-FX Full Kit | Befaco

FX Boy Multi-FX Full Kit | Befaco

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A Multi FX module based on game carts!

Fx Boy is a multi-FX module designed in collaboration with several talented manufacturers. 

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Each effect is physically hosted in a hot-swappable game cart and designed by a different manufacturer: Touell Skouarn with Skuara a harsh fuzz with overdrive, Instruo with micro Phaser, a two-flavoured Phaser, Feedback modules with a vintage Flanger, XOR with FX-Girl, a digital double effect module: Delay + Granularizer, Making sound machines with an analog Wave folder, Tesseract with a bit crusher and Befaco Trash distortion!

Carts Include:

FxGirl is the only girl cart in this boys’ club. But also the only intelligent cart around since she’s got a processing unit. So watch out FxBoys!!


Trash is a harmonic distortion that combines both clipping and folding flavours. Modes A and B will select between aggressive and more aggressive flavours!

The Feedback Modules’ Flanger cartridge has two modes: classic flanger with LFO speed and a Delay with time, both with feedback

Making Sound Machines’ Analog Wavefolder cartridge is a classic West Coast Synthesis circuit, designed to add harmonically related overtones.
This cartridge is excellent at adding rich harmonics to a basic waveform, and cool distortion to complex signals like drum sounds.
Its circuit can produce characteristic timbres similar to pulse-width and frequency modulation.

AVMA by Tesseract Modular it’s a bipolar VCA with one switchable wavefolder stage followed by an analog frequency reducer. The VCA gain is x2, it can be used with ±5V oscillator signals at the CV input for ring modulation effect.

Three cascaded all-pass filters, a built-in LFO and a saturator in the feedback path.
The purpose for this cartridge is to completely f&%k your phase up!
Instruō – We make sounds with the things that we make to make sounds with.

Eskuara is a feedback fuzz/overdrive circuit, created to distort and make noise.

The cartridge combines fuzzes and overdrive while incorporating feedback control for added experimentation and allows musicians to create a wide range of distorted and saturated tones, with the added ability to manipulate sustain and feedback for unique sonic textures.

More Information
Brand Befaco
HP 12
Depth 35mm
+12V 125mA
-12V 100mA+cartridge current draw
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