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BMC011 - Wave Animator PCB | Barton Musical Circuits

BMC011 - Wave Animator PCB | Barton Musical Circuits


This is an effect type module. When a saw, sine or triangle wave is inputted it creates a moving string or chorus like texture to the sound. It uses no external control voltage, and is very easy to use.

This is for a PCB only, suitable for multiple formats.

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The Wave Animator is a module that belongs in the "effect" category. When fed a ramp, triangle or sine wave, it creates a chorus or string like effect. The only controls are three knobs which control the speeds of three internal LFOs, there is no external voltage control. It is inspired by on Bernie Hutchins' "Sawtooth-Driven Multi-Phase Waveform Animator" from Electronotes #87, March 1978.

It should be noted that when no signal is input, the LFOs will make an audible pop on the output as the LFOs cycle, this is normal, but you should remember this so that you don't patch a VCA before the wave animator.

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