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Drum Synth - PC-2 inspired Pocket Percussion Synthesizer Kit | Rakit

Drum Synth - PC-2 inspired Pocket Percussion Synthesizer Kit | Rakit


The Rakit Drum Synth is based on the Boss PC-2/AMDEK PCK-100 percussion synthesizer. 

This is for a Full Kit in Desktop format.

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Brand Rakit

Kit Assembly

Only two basic soldering tools are required to complete this kit: a soldering iron and a pair of flush cutters. The detailed assembly guide can be followed online or downloaded to print out at home.

The kit is made entirely of interlocking PCBs and unlike most kits the only wires that have to be soldered are the ones going to the piezo disc.

How it Works

The synth is triggered by a piezo disc which is sensitive to how hard you tap the top panel giving subtle differences in the envelope. The sounds are generated by a VCO optionally modulated by a frequency sweep, LFO, Pitch CV or all three. There is a simple envelope generator with a fixed fast attack for punchy percussive envelopes and variable decay for super short to really long decays (5 seconds+).

An example sheet is available to download showing you how to recreate 8 settings from the original Boss PC-2/AMDEK PCK-100 percussion synthesizer and a blank settings sheet for recording your own favourite settings.



External Trigger

Use the 3.5mm mono socket to connect to the Rakit Baby8 Sequencer, external drum pads or anything with a gate out.

Applying an external rising edge between 500mV to supply activates the drum.

Touch Pad Trigger

Activate the piezo fixed to the underside of the top panel using a finger or weapon of your choice! We rather like the suggestion from Csaba Nagy to use a pencil with a rubber on the end.  ………………………


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