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The Tskylon Labs Provok is a Comparator Gate utility tile.

This is a PCB/Panel in the Eurorack 1U Tile format.

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Brand Tsyklon Labs

The Tskylon Labs Provok is a Comparator Gate tile with a potentiometer for setting the compare voltage and an LED to indicate it's status. 

NOTE; This tile module does not conform to the Intellijel 1U standard

NOTE: All non-passive modules can be powered from either a standard 2×5 Eurorack Power Header as well as the Futaba style 3 wire connector poplularised by PulpLogic.
DO NOT connect both – just one OR the other.

ANOTHER NOTE: PLITKA 1U modules are designed to be physically compatible with the PulpLogic 1U Specification. The front panels, as designed, will not work with the Intellijel 1U Specification.

We present to you, the PLITKA series – DIY for the people!

"The Eurorack rabbit hole runs deep – or maybe shallow. Introducing our line of 1U Eurorack Tile Modules – PLITKA. Our PLITKA Panels are made from 2mm thick matte black PCB Material. We are releasing these as Open Source Hardware (cc by-sa). You will find technical specifications about each module and will find a PDF document that contains the Bill-of-Materials (BOM) for the module as well as instructions for assembly and the schematic. If you would like to make your own panels, you can download our PLITKA Panel standards as a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) or a DWG (AutoCAD) file."

Additional Information
More Information
Brand Tsyklon Labs
HP 6
Depth 25mm
+12V 6mA
-12V 12mA
+5V 6mA
Additional Resources BOM & Build Guide

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