Fonitronik Cascade Full Kit

A super flexible and cascading triple attenuverting mixer & processor.

This is a full kit suitable for the Eurorack format. These kits are graciously supplied to us and well kitted by Thonk!

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The module provides 3 channels of ‘attenu-gain-vertion’, each with it’s own bicolor LED. The input of each channel is normalled to a voltage source. There are two modes of mixing the three channels , which could be set by a jumper:

  • CASCADE: output of channel #1 is mixed into channel #2 (as long as no cord is patched into output 1), output of channel #2 is mixed into channel #3 (as long as no cord is patched into output 2).
  • PARALLEL: both the outputs of channel #1 & #2 are mixed into channel #3 (as long as no cords are patched into the outputs).

Again, inputs are normalled to an internal voltage source. As soon as you patch the inputs they are removed from that source. The outputs are normalled to the internal mixing (depending on mode jumper), however, as soon as you patch the outputs they are removed from the internal mixing. This makes this module very versatile.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Fonitronik
HP 4
Depth 66mm
+12V 28mA
-12V 23mA
+5V No
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Customer Reviews (2)

Easy build, lots of usefulnessReview by Ed K.
This was one of the very first DIY kits I built, and it worked first time I plugged it in! Really excellent instructions and high quality build. Simple, yet effective. This is a module that you can plop into the middle of any patch and very quickly get a new perspective on what you are working on. Highly recommended! (Posted on 6/13/2017)
Great Utility ModuleReview by David
This module packs a lot of features in a small package at a low price. You get attenuverting, offsets, and mixing for three channels in only 4hp, can't beat that.

The kit is easy to assemble with clear instructions. I had mine up and running in a couple of hours. DivKid's overview video can describe its features far better than I. Check it out at: (Posted on 6/14/2016)

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