Polymoog Resonator

Fitzgreyve's take on the resonator from the Polymoog in a DIY Eurorack friendly PCB/Panel set

This is a PCB/Panel set (including all four PCB's) in the Eurorack format.

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The resonance filter is intended to emulate static resonances that are typically found in acoustic musical instruments. There are three non-overlapping frequency bands:

  • Low range - 60 to 300 Hertz
  • Medium range – 300 to 1k5 Hertz
  • High range - 1k5 to 7k5 Hertz

Emphasis (or Q) can be adjusted between 0.5 and 10, and each band has its own gain control. There are separate output level controls for the resonator (filter) and dry signal mix. The build consists of four PCBs – one doing the input and output, plus three filters.

The Polymoog used a 4016 CMOS switch for filter mode switching (here, we just use a slide switch). As this integrated circuit operated on the positive supply only, Polymoog internal signals used a virtual ground (Vch) at 1/3 of the supply voltage. This may form part of the character and “vintage” sound of the filter.

The Polymoog’s filter could be switched between Low pass (LP), band pass (BP) and high pass (HP) modes. In addition, a band notch (BN) mode is available, that inverts the polarity of the middle frequency band in relation to the high and low bands. Note that the filter circuits emulate those in the Polymoog – warts and all

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Fitzgreyve
HP 14
Depth No
+12V 18mA
-12V 17mA
+5V No
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