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The ED701 – miniScope is a small utility oscilloscope module that provides the user with the ability to quickly visualise many signals in their system.

This is a full kit in the Eurorack format.

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The ED701 – miniScope uses a small 128 x 64 pixel liquid-crystal display (LCD) as the display interface and incorporates a simple front-end to interface the external signal to the internal analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The input can be AC or DC coupled. A HI-LO switch allows for signals in the range of 0V – 5V (LO) or 0V – 25V (HI) so should handle most signals present in a eurorack modular synth. 

The MENU button brings up a separate screen allowing the user to select the main operating parameters:

    • OFF – free-running mode
    • RISE – locks on rising edge of waveform
    • FALL – locks on falling edge of waveform
  • TRIGGER VALUE: Selects a voltage reference for the trigger section. The selected value is determined by the HI-LO switch and the selected VOLTAGE RANGE
  • TIMEBASE: Selects the timebase for the unit 
  • AUTO: When automatic horizontal (time) scaling is enabled the module will automatically adjust the timebase to suit the input signal.
  • LINES/DOTS: Selects the line style used to `draw’ the waveform. In DOT mode the graticule is also removed and so will provide a quicker, smoother refresh of the screen.

The main SCOPE screen gives the user the following information:

  • Mean: The mean voltage or centre-point around which the displayed waveform is centred
  • Max: The maximum voltage reached by the displayed waveform
  • Min: The minimum voltage reached by the displayed waveform
  • Pk-Pk: The peak-to-peak voltage of the displayed waveform. Equivalent to Max – Min
  • FSD: Full-scale range for the display. This is adjusted by the HI-LO switch setting

On the secondary SCOPE screen the user is given the following information:

  • AUTO: If displayed, the ED701 is in automatic horizontal scaling mode
  • Thresh.: Shows the selected status of the Threshold Trigger settings
  • Tm: Shows the selected Timebase setting
  • Freq.: Shows the calculated frequency of the displayed waveform

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Elby
HP 8
Depth 30mm
+12V 26mA
-12V 7mA
+5V No
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Customer Reviews (1)

a great valueReview by Doc
This is a review of the kit, not the scope itself. As a scope, it is a bare minimum $70 scope ... which is exactly what i needed. ...A+ on that count

Issues first:

overall: Elby assumes a good command of DIY electronic skills . This is not a beginners kit and it's definitely not a tutorial

-PRINT THE BOM! you'll it need it to match the component values to the silkscreen labels
-The PCB layout forced ELBY designs to bury a label. If you populate the sockets first (as i did) look UNDER the 28-pin socket for the label for C408.
-There are not a lot of components. so the PCB/ Solder tasks are light-duty and very straight forward.
-Diode polarities are marked by a 3-sided box. Match the closed side of the box to the band (cathode)
- the mechanical assembly is the tricky bit. But it falls together very easily IF YOU FOLLOW THE WRITTEN PROCEDURE TO THE LETTER. Don't improvise on that phase of the build, or you will be tempted to employ harsh language.
-remember to solder the row of LCD pins at the very end of the build.
-There is no calibration, nor opportunities for a smoke-test, when you apply power it either springs to life or not.

all-in-all it is a medium difficulty build (because of the mecahnical phase) with big payoff at the end!
No more lugging a real scope to gigs to keep your DIY controllers tuned-up.
How cool is that !!!!!?!?!?!!!!!!! (Posted on 6/28/2016)

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