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CVpal USB to CV/Gate PCB/Panel

CVpal USB to CV/Gate PCB/Panel


CVpal is an entry level DIY, USB to CV/Gate module. 

This is a  PCB and Panel only, for Eurorack format modular synthesizers!

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DIY USB>CV/Gate interface

  • Entry-level, fool-proof, DIY project (only 25 parts to assemble)
  • Plenty of modes (mono CV/Gate/Velocity/Square digital oscillator ; duophonic and dual channel modes ; 4 note trigger conversion ; CC to CV conversion...)
  • Digital calibration provides better accuracy than offset/scale trimmers
  • USB-powered

* Gate are 0..+5V ; CV are 0 .. +4V
* Decent latency on OS X and Linux only.

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Brand Modular Addict
HP 4
Depth 40mm
Additional Resources Manual
Assembly Guide
Demo Video

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