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CMP Comparator | Karltron

CMP Comparator | Karltron

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CMP is a utility module simply comparing two voltages.

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    Brand Karltron

    CMP is a utility module in 6HP, simply comparing two voltages. Dual channel. It performs the logic operation A>B=C in a unipolar fashion, thus giving about 0-11V outputs. B is normalled to +12V, and run through the attenuator knob, so you can use just A and the knob sets a threshold voltage where the output goes high.

    This sort of logical operation can translate a saw or triangle VCO into a square wave with variable pulse-width. An LFO into a gate pattern, or a random CV sequence into a random gate pattern. Put in two LFOs and you get a swing clock pattern.

    CMP has very few parts, and all through-hole, so that makes it a good kit for beginners to DIY modular and soldering. On the other hand, it being a utility module for manipulating other modules’ signals, might not be the most useful for real beginners to modular.

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    Brand Karltron
    HP 6
    Depth 20mm
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