STmodular: Give VCO PCB/Panel

STmodular: Give VCO PCB/Panel


ive is a 14 HP Classic Analog VCO with additional Waveshaping options.

This is a PCB/Panel in the Eurorack format.

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Give is a 14 HP Classic Analog VCO with additional Waveshaping options.

The VCO has five outputs


The frequency of the waveform may be changed with the TUNE and FINE potentiometers. There is also an adjustable OCTAVE SWITCH. Each octave can be tuned separately using the OCT DOWN and OCT UP pots.

Patching a voltage source into FM you can frequency modulate the oscillator. Incoming voltages can be attenuated with FM CV. In the middle of the module you will find the PWM potentiometer. Here you may change the pulse width of the pulse wave. The width may also be controlled via external voltage with the PWM jack and the PWM CV attenuator.

Just like all other classic analog VCOs GIVE also tracks one volt per octave with the help of the 1V/OCT input jack. Each wave can also be hardsynced by an external wave patched to the SYNC jack.

In addition to the standard waveform outputs there are two WAVESHAPE options that help to sculpture the SAWTOOTH wave. The shape can be changed by both potentiometers S1 and S2 or with the help of to CV inputs. S1 CV1 & 2 are also chained to S2. S2 will only have an extreme small effect on the waveform though. This way you can create very subtle changes without an attenuator in order to keep the sound of the wave interesting for the human ear. You may increase the effect using S1 CV in order to affect S2 out.


  • Classic Analog VCO
  • 5 Outputs: SAW, TRI, PLS, S1, S2
  • Adjustable Octave Swith
  • 1V/Octave tracking
  • Pulse Width Modulation with Attenunator
  • Frequency Modulation with Attenuator
  • Separate WAVESHAPE outputs
  • 2 CV Inputs per Waveshaper
  • Skiff friendly design
  • Wrong Polarity Protection
  • 3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide
  • Power consumption: 28 mA at +12 V and 24mA at -12 V

The module consists of two boards:

  • Front PCB Panel
  • Main PCB
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