Steiner-Parker VCF | Timo Rozendal

Steiner-Parker VCF | Timo Rozendal

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Timo Rozendal's DIY Eurorack Kit for the YuSynth Steiner-Parker VCF.

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    From Yves Usson/YuSynth:

    This is my latest take at the Steiner-Parker VCF, in which I tried to improve the design in order to correct some flaws of the original design : scratchy resonance potentiometer, untamed auto-oscillation.

    From Timo Rozendal:

    Changes from original design: 
    - no switch but separate buffered input for every mode (LP,HP,BP), 
    - lowpass input is normalled to highpass and bandpass, so you can e.g. transition smoothly between high and lowpass with the knobs 
    - 'tweak' resistors are replaced by trimpots 
    - added decoupling capacitors for ic's 
    - added a flexible footprint for the matched transistors, I tested it with THAT300, AS394 (Letvian LM394 clone), 2n3904 and BC547 (I don't hink the original 2SC1583 will fit) 
    - provided panel pcb, so no wiring required 

    The inputs have enough gain to overdrive a normal signal in the filter. 
    The resonance is still a bit untamed and chaotic and not so useful for melodies (plus it won't self resonate at low frequencies, a known trait of this filtertype) 

    More Information
    Brand Timo Rozendal
    HP 8
    Depth 43mm
    +12V 13mA
    -12V 6mA
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