Split Kit - Attenuator Multiple Kit | Meng Qi

Split Kit - Attenuator Multiple Kit | Meng Qi

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The Split kit is a passive 1 in 5 out multiple where 4 channels include attenuators.

This is for a full kit in the Eurorack format. It includes PCBs, panel, jacks, pots and knobs.

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BrandMeng Qi

The Meng Qi Split module is a handy one. best to think of it as a passive 1 IN 5 Out multiple. There is an Input jack (top left) and a Thru jack (top right). The remaining outputs below have corrisponding attenuators. This could be used as an "aux send" module for routing signals to FX in your rack. The kit is quick and easy to assemble. Great for beginners! 

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Brand Meng Qi
HP 4
Depth 25mm