Cellular Automata - 4U Sequencer PCB | NonLinear Circuits

Cellular Automata - 4U Sequencer PCB | NonLinear Circuits


This is a sequencer based on cellular automata (CA) rules 90 and 150.

This is a PCB only suitable for multiple formats.

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As each cell lives it puts out a gate for the length of its lifetime and a voltage to a pot that can be attenuated and then summed to get a CV signal (and its inverse….and there is a staircase divider off the 4 cells to give a semi-random CV as well).

Of course more than one cell may be alive at the same time so the resulting CV is far more complex than a standard 4 stage CV.

There is also a CV input and inverted CV input with attenuator for each neighbourhood. This means neighbourhoods can be summed together for more complex signals or even the random output can be fed back in to be mixed with the CV.

Each neighbourhood needs a clock and a signal on the left or right input to get started, the cell gate outputs can then be used to activate cells in other neighbourhoods or even act as clocks for other neighbourhoods. It is best to have at least four neighbourhoods to be able to patch-program a great deal of complex patterns. That said, even one neighbourhood is capable of producing some simply amazing patterns

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