Befaco Rampage PCB/Panel

The Rampage is Befaco’s approach to an old invention: the Serge/Buchla ramp generator.

This is for a PCB/Panel in the Eurorack format.

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We took the idea of a “patch programmable” function generator/processor, put two units in the same module and tried to expand them with new funky functions and ways to combine them: Slope detectors, analogue logic functions and a few extra outputs to add some more complex features.

The module is built around two voltage controlled integrators. Integrators (also known as Lag Processors or Slew limiters) allow you to process your voltages, converting sharp square waves in ramp-like waveforms.

These lovely devices can, for instance, convert a gate signal into a simple envelope, or achieve a “portamento” or “glide” effect when applied to pitch CV. Other well known application of an integrator is it’s ability to low-pass filter an audio signal.

Some Rampage applications:

  • Voltage controlled Attack Decay envelope.
  • Attack Sustain Release Envelope .
  • More complex ADSR Style Envelope.
  • Dual VCO. With Square, PWM, Saw, Log, Exp and Triangle shapes. Hard and soft sync.
  • Gated VCO
  • VCO + Analog AND Gate (As ADTimbral VCA)
  • Dual Low Pass Filter
  • Dual Low pass Filter with VCO soft sync.
  • Low Pass Filter + AD Envelope
  • Dual “syncable” voltage controlled LFO with Square, PWM, Saw and Triangle shapes)
  • Complex LFO . Function combination.
  • CV controlled and “Ping-Pong” LFO.
  • Dual Slope detector. Distinguishes when and incoming signal (CV or audio) is rising or falling, and generates gates in concordance.
  • Comparator. Send a gate when B IN is bigger than A IN
  • Polyrythmic gate generator. With both channels synced between each other, it generates several “complex rhythm” gates.
  • Voltage controlled Slew limiter with independent attack and decay control and continuous variable shape between Log, linear and expo.
  • Peak Voltage follower. Max Out follow the maximum Level of the two inputs.
  • Minimum Voltage Follower. Min Out follow the minimum level of the two inputs
  • Envelope follower with adjustable response for rising ans falling flanks.
  • Voltage controlled Trigger Delay .
  • Burst Generator.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

100 Befaco
HP 18
Depth No
+12V 110mA
-12V 90mA
+5V No
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Customer Reviews (2)

Amazing Modual & Very Easy Build!!!Review by TJ & 10-4 Ward Crew
Mr Mojo Risin's review makes it seem a lil scary to build at first, but this is a project that I woud say could be suitable for beginners if they source their parts correctly or buy the kit. Mojo is right, this is a bit of a labor intemsive build, but the labor on the bench is pretty easy. If sourcing your own parts, this project will be a bit of a challange. Be sure to get 1/10w resistors that the proper body length, so the resistors fit in the way the are supposed to. Stick to the Mouser BOM. Otherwise, the build is VERY EASY. The solder pads on the board are huge and looked great for beginners as far as I'm concerned. The PCB I received came with the SMT transistors presoldered to the board, so there's no surface mount stuff you need to worry about.

The end result is a beautiful project with a device that sounds amazing and fires wonderful envelope magic all over your reality. This is my third kit I've built and had minimal problems putting it together outside of the issues addressed by Mr Mojo Risin'.

Try building with a green theme, using green LED's instead of red, and getting green pushbutton switches for the triggers from Tayda. It looks WAY cooler than the standard Befaceo red! Sounds great with my Buchla Two59 Clone Oscillator from Feedback going into the Serge/RS VCFQ, absolutely screams!

And cheers to Modular Addict for being fabulous with their service! Build more, sleep less!!!! (Posted on 7/17/2017)
Rampage: High Quality And Versatile ModuleReview by Mr. Mojo Risin'
With more than 800+ solder connections and 300+ components, the Rampage PCB/Panel is a VERY labor intensive build. However, the payoff is totally worth the effort. The number of new features this single module can add to your rack is staggering (Burst Generator, Polyrythmic Gate Generator, Ping-Pong LFO, Dual Low Pass Filter, Voltage Controlled Trigger Delay... just to name a few)

I've built more than 25+ different PCB/Panel kits but the Rampage is my first BEFACO project. I was really impressed with the quality double sided PCB's and the accurate/easy to follow assembly guide and BOM. Everything worked the first time when I powered-up and I'm looking forward to building more BEFACO modules

If you plan to source components yourself such as mini-toggle switches, resistors, pots and LED's... be aware of the following for PCB v1.3.2 (and other PCB versions):
(*) Standard mini-toggle switches from Tayda and eBay will _NOT_ work because the through-hole lugs are too wide for the PCB. Use the exact part number as shown in the BOM
(*) Likewise, standard pots from Tayda will not work because BEFACO pots have a unique footprint and some are the dual-gang variety with six "through-hole" solder pins. These special pots are available at the ModularAddict PARTS webpage
(*) Resistor spaces on the PCB's are designed for use with smaller 1/8W resistors having a body length of 3.25mm. I always use 1/4W resistors for my builds because I currently have a bazillion of these in my parts inventory. I populated the entire board with the larger 1/4W variety instead which have a body length of 6mm. They worked but I had to insert each one at a 45 degree angle which led to spacing problems while trying to sandwich the two PCB's together. Using longer header socket pins solved this issue
(*) If you plan on using IC sockets, be aware that there is virtually no clearance between the two circuit boards. I had to use some longer than normal header socket pins when joining the two PCB's together. If you plan to solder the IC's directly onto the PCB instead, this is a non-issue
(*) Because of the low clearance between PCB's, you may need to mount the two electrolytic caps horizontally if they are not the "low profile" variety
(*) The BOM calls for 2mm LED's. I only keep 3mm LED's in my inventory. Although these are too big to fit completely into the front panel holes, they still worked when recessed. However, there is a slight bleed-through to adjacent LED's when they are lit. I opted not to purchase the 2mm variety LED's because they are priced 10x higher than more commonly found 3mm LED's. If you are picky about LED bleed-through, you may want to source expensive 2mm LED's instead (Posted on 6/27/2017)

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