BMC034 - Switched Resistor VCF

This is a unique take on a DIY filter - an all analog filter module that employs resistors with analog switches to control frequency cutoff.

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This is a voltage controlled filter module which utilizes analog switches to adjust the frequency of the filter. The module features two state-variable filter sections which share a common frequency control, these can be used in series for heavier filtering or in parallel to work with stereo sound sources.  It has the following controls and I/O:


  • Frequency – Controls the frequency of both filters.
  • Frequency Modulation – Attenuates a modulating cv input for the frequency control.
  • Resonance 1 – Controls the amount of emphasis on the selected frequency of the filter for channel 1.
  • Resonance 2 – Same, but for channel 2.


  • Clock – An oscillator should be input here, it will be used as the clock for the analog switches in the circuit. Pulse waveforms should not be used.
  • CV – This is the input for the frequency modulation CV.
  • Input 1 – Signal input for channel 1
  • Input 2 – Signal input for channel 2


  • Low pass 1
  • Band pass 1
  • High pass 1
  • Low pass 2
  • Band pass 2
  • High pass 2

The board features PC mounted pots for less wiring, and mounting holes for flexibility in panel layout. There are Eurorack and MOTM power connectors.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

Manufacturer Barton
HP 8
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
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