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AC/DC audio interface Full Kit | Befaco

AC/DC audio interface Full Kit | Befaco

AC/DC is a class-compliant DC coupled audio interface in Eurorack format. With its 6 HP it is perfect for live performance and travel Rigs.
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Brand Befaco

Based on Rebel Technology OWL platform, It allows sending and receiving both CV and Audio at 16 bits 48 KHz. as well as load patches from Rebel’s library.
It is compatible with all popular DAW and CV generators, and also as audio and CV processor for iOS apps.

• Class compliant audio interface.
• DC coupled with range -10 to 10v.
• Level  meters and clip leds.
• 48 Khz 16 Bit.
• Compatible with OWL platform.
• Stm32H7 processor with 32 Mb of RAM.

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Brand Befaco
HP 6
Depth 40
+12V 200mA
-12V 30mA
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