Pure VCO PCB/Panel

The GMSN! Pure VCO is a simple, straightforward VCO.

This is a PCB/Panel set in the Eurorack format.

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The GMSN! Pure VCO has saw, triangle and pulse outs, with control of the frequency across the whole audio range right down to LFO frequencies. The pulse width can be set from 0 – 100% with 50% being square wave out. There is also 1 volt per octave CV In, FM In with control of the level, PWM in, again with control of the level and an Audio Sync In.

Temperature compensation is provide by a tempco in the same thermal mass as the matched exponential transistor pair, there’s also a 24 turn trimmer to calibrate frequency to 1 volt per octave.

The circuit board is laid out cleanly to make component population and soldering a breeze and the build documentation includes step by step instructions and schematic, as well as fault finding hints and tips.

Specs & Downloads

Specs & Downloads

manufacturer GMSN!
HP 4
Depth No
+12V No
-12V No
+5V No
Additional Resources Build Guide


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